Dr Lina Thakar 
As licensed Ayurvedic Physician from India, Dr. Lina is practicing Ayurvedic Medicine 20 years now.   Graduated in 1992 from one for the most renowned and oldest Ayurvedic College, Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Pune, India, Dr. Lina brings an Authentic Ayurvedic Wisdom and Science to United States. Visionary and pioneer of the Ayurvedic wellness for preventive and complementary approach to healthcare, Dr. Lina combines the wisdom of Ayurveda with her expertise as an Ayurveda healer, physician, practitioner and Ayurvedic herbalist and nutritionist to compose a holistic system for complete wellness and a range of natural, organic Ayurvedic Wellness Products.

Dr. Lina has provided the
gift of healing to thousands of men, women and children for over 20 years, offering natural Ayurvedic tools for wellness, prevention as well as for existing chronic imbalances with pure, original, authentic Ayurvedic treatments by top Ayurveda Physician.

Today, Dr. Lina’s Ayurveda Wellness Center & Holistic Spa is the premier center for natural health and Ayurveda in the United States. It is the first and only authentic Ayurveda Center in Pittsburgh and the tri-state region to offer Ayurevedic wellness as preventive and complementary medicine.

Opened in 2010 by Dr. (Vaidya) Lina Thakar, today it has grown as a booming Panchakarma cleansing/retreat center and holistic spa that also hosts Ayulina Store. The center is also affiliated with Allegheny General Hospital’s Integrated Medicine Program AyuLina Wellness Promise Pure, consciousness based health care is a soul of Ayurveda. 

Message from Dr. Lina: 

Working in Ayurvedic field for 20 years now, my wish has always been to offer natural, authentic Ayurvedic formulas directly from Ayurvedic ancient texts that promote self-healing on deeper cellular depth for balancing body, mind and spirit.  For over 5,000 years, Ayurveda has been most logical and time tested wisdom that is profound and life changing till today. Each of AyuLina products contains a wisdom not only from the knowledge I learned in my Ayurvedic study program which was 5 and half years of full time Bachelor degree curriculum but more that so the knowledge that has been passed down generation after generation in my family, in my
upbringing by my mother & grandmother that has stood the test of time.

It is this deep knowledge along with my experience healing people over the past twenty years, that has given me the understanding that… ‘"Ayurveda chooses you to come to you, bless you…..the healing comes to you, it evolves on its own.”  As said by my teachers, repeatedly, "You don’t choose Ayurveda, Ayurveda chooses you”. And I feel so grateful and inspired by each person who comes back to me saying, ‘You changed my life, We need this program, this place and there natural products’.   My AyuLina products are hand-made with awareness.

All products are made with Mantra music playing in the background to incorporate right energy. Each bottle contains nature’s intelligence and an authentic ayurvedic formula that is custom blended to work with your dosha, or unique biochemistry, to genuinely balance on the deepest level of body, mind and cellular consciousness. I’ve always believed that the Wellness or Radiance is an outer reflection of what’s happening on the inside and likewise, everything you think about reflects on you or anything you eat or put onto the skin becomes a part of who you are.

The ingredients I use has intelligence from nature so they can deeply heal you from within. And you will see and feel the difference. As said in Ayurveda..’Sarvani Dravyani Panchabhutikani’ All Organic and inorganic substance are made from 5 elements, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. So my formulas with these 5 elements will balance the 5 elements in you and rejuvenate you completely. Hence the purity and authenticity of my AyuLina Wellness Product line will continue to promote wellness, prevention and work as a complementary healing for your body, mind and soul.


Dr. Lina Thakar